The vision of SYCLOPS project is to enable better solutions for AI/data mining for extremely large and diverse data by democratizing AI acceleration using open standards, and enabling a healthy, competitive, innovation-driven ecosystem for Europe and beyond.

In order to achieve this vision, SYCLOPS will integrate expertise in computer architecture, programming languages, systems and runtimes, Big Data, High-Performance Computing, autonomous systems, High-Energy Physics, and precision oncology, with the aim of developing novel infrastructure, platform, and application tools for AI acceleration.

This vision relies on the convergence of these important trends in the industry:

  • the standardization and adoption of RISC®-V
  • an open Instruction Set Architecture (ISA), for AI and analytics acceleration
  • the emergence and growth of SYCL™ as an open, cross-architecture programming model for all types of accelerators, including RISC-V.
Figure 1

The goal of project SYCLOPS is to bring together these standards for the first time in order to demonstrate ground-breaking advances in performance and scalability of extreme data analytics using a standards-based, fully-open, AI acceleration approach, and enable the development of inter-operable (open and vendor neutral interfaces/APIs), trustworthy (verifiable and standards-based hardware/software), and green (via application-specific processor customization) AI systems.

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