event 07/17/2024

Accelom and SYCLOPS

Due to significant improvements in genomic sequencing technology, it is now possible to sequence a full human genome for less than $1000 and receive genetic data on several molecular levels of the cell (genomic, transcriptome, protein expression, copy-number variations, and so on). However, in order to turn this genomic Big...

event 06/27/2024

AdaptivePerf and SYCLOPS

AdaptivePerf is an open-source architecture-agnostic code profiler for Linux, based on the custom-patched “perf”. Using just one single command adaptiveperf "<command to be profiled>", the tool: samples both on-CPU and off-CPU activity, traces every spawned thread and process, minimises the risk of broken profiled stacks by detecting inappropriate kernel and...

event 06/20/2024

Seven EU Projects Collaborate Around Shared Mission to Extract Meaningful Insights from Extreme Data

As part of the Horizon Europe funding programme, seven pioneering projects have received funding to address the challenges posed by extreme data generated by IoT, industrial, business, administration, environmental, scientific and societal sources. These projects are pursuing innovative approaches that integrate cutting-edge technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things...

event 05/14/2024

The oneAPI Construction Kit and SYCLOPS

With software evolving quickly, it has become increasingly common for hardware vendors to create specialist AI processors that run their software more efficiently than would be possible with out-of-the-box hardware. While these custom processors can offer the advantage of performance, they come with challenges for developers. Primary among these is...

event 11/29/2023

Introducing the SYCLOPS Consortium

Announced in May this year, the SYCLOPS Project brings together 8 leading organizations from across Europe, collaborating to democratize AI acceleration and break the existing monopoly on the acceleration market. Our combined vision is using open standards to enable a healthy, competition-driven ecosystem with widespread adoption of both RISC-V®, an...

event 05/10/2023

Launch of the New Horizon Europe Project SYCLOPS

8 leading European organisations join forces to bring together RISC-V and SYCL standards to demonstrate ground-breaking advances in scalability of extreme data analytics via fully-open AI acceleration The wide-spread adoption of AI has resulted in a market for novel hardware accelerators that can efficiently process AI workloads. Unfortunately, all popular...



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